I am an interior design tourist.  I travel to others’ homes via coffee-table books to delight in the wealth of pattern, color, line, texture, light and shadow.  I escape for a while in the order and calm of a well-designed home. I prefer interiors that contain long-acquired collections, personal effects and handmade objects. Domestic scenes and objects conjure feelings of comfort, familiarity and longing.  Memories are associated with the space and its contents.

            A section of a room-- chair legs and the shadows they cast, sunlight on a wood floor, the corner of a quilt against a patterned rug, stacked dishes and teacups, a mirror reflecting part of a painting—can be more interesting than the whole.  Even more interesting to me is the juxtaposition of selected areas from different rooms.  In my collaged rearrangements I am collecting moments which elicit my own memories, creating a visual puzzle and a new story. I often reference landscape in the compositions, and skies, trees and grass frequently find their way into these rearrangements. In the paintings I enjoy the pleasure of pushing paint and further developing a narrative.

            In collaging and painting I try to surprise myself. I attempt to elicit at once a sense of mystery and feelings of recognition.  I rearrange rooms to create unlikely and unexpected spaces, and this ultimately leads to consideration of place, relationships and memory.