I am an interior-design tourist.  I travel to others’ homes via coffee-table books to delight in the wealth of pattern, color, line, texture, light and shadow.  I escape for a while in the order and calm of a well-designed home. But before long, I want to cut up the pages.

            A cropped image of a living space-- chair legs and the shadows they cast, sunlight on a wood floor, the corner of a quilt against a patterned rug, a mirror reflecting part of a painting—can be more intriguing than the whole.  In my collaged rearrangements I am collecting and combining these “moments,” which elicit my own memories and associations, creating a new story. I sometimes reference landscape, with skies, trees and grass frequently finding their way into the composition. In the paintings, I abstract further, sometimes including information from multiple collages.

            In my images I attempt to elicit at once a sense of mystery and feelings of recognition.  I rearrange rooms to create unlikely and unexpected spaces, and this ultimately leads to consideration of place, relationships and memory. Ultimately, all of my work is rooted in the subject of being adopted at birth, exploring ideas of identity, home, contrasts, fragmentation and connection.