In my paintings and collages I use images of familiar objects and spaces and bring them together in unexpected ways. The work stems from magazine images of home interiors. Cropped sections of domestic scenes, with their furniture, clothing, housewares, knickknacks, artwork, lighting and shadows evoke memories, feelings of longing and nostalgia, of mystery, comfort, even tenderness. I am attempting to capture moments and combine them to create a new intriguing situation. I'm interested in the contrasts that emerge: calm/chaos, inside/outside, landscape/interior, painting/photograph. The paintings that result from the collages are often abstracted further. The more surprised I am by the result, the better.

The word maker describes me perfectly. I am a painter, a sculptor, a cake designer. I sew clothes, costumes and accessories. I make house portraits, embroider pillows, build clubhouses and throw ceramic bowls. Next I’ll try my hand at dress design, furniture building and animation.

I live in Jamaica Plain, MA with my husband and two sons.